A Ultra Slim HDMI  Cable with smart RedMere chip from 
TTE is the best solution to transmit your High Speed HDMI signals.  


* The small,light weight plugs are easy on the ports they are plugged into, ideal for ultra-thin HDTVs.
* This all-in-one cable also supports advanced 7.1 surround sound and audio return channel,eliminating the need for additional cables
* 10.2Gbps-High quality,ultea flexible and light user-friendly design.
* Super thin cable allows to easy install and hide in confined space request.

1. 50% thinner and lighter than normal HDMI Cable.

2. Flexible to fold easily and take little space.

3. Extreme slim series provides picture perfect HD video 3D 

4. Exceeds 4K2K

5. 3D experience

6. Audio Return Channel(ARC).